The connections between law, science, and technology are ubiquitous increasingly complex in contemporary societies. Symbols of these connections can be seen in road signs, food labels, safety certificates, birth and death certificates, bank cards, medicinal prescriptions, deeds, door security locks, motor vehicle performance tests, public behavior and its surveillance, and so on. Similar connections can be found in a myriad of more hidden social spaces, such as biochemical laboratories, planning offices, industrial manufacturers, patent offices, crime scenes, law courts, and parliaments. In all these cases, fundamental legally framed social relationships, property ownership, as well as responsibilities, including liability, and rights arising from these. The connections between law, science, technology, and society continually evolve in interaction with each other, and to understand these connections represents a significant academic challenge.

The Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) provides a distinctive and appropriate multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary knowledge ecosystem to offer such a unique blend of law, science, and technology program.

B.Sc. LL.B.(Hons.) is a five year integrated undergraduate program which prepares students for opportunities in the field of science, technology and law. The mode of imparting education as part of this program is through 3D Aspects of Law i.e., Law in Text; Law in context; and Law in Practice by classroom teaching, lab experiments, as well as through case studies, moot courts and client interviews etc. The maximum duration in which candidates need to complete B.Sc. LL.B.(Hons.) programme is eight years.

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The School of Law complements theoretical learning with a strong emphasis on practical application. Its facilities cover a wide range of specialisations and are designed to enable research and in-depth exploration of the field.